High sensitivity source now available in the Integra2

High sensitivity source now available in the Integra2

The Sercon high sensitivity source is now available as an optional upgrade in the Integra2.

Giving improved sensitivity and a larger dynamic range, the high sensitivity source allows researchers to measure small samples with no loss of precision.

  • Sensitivity                                         1000 molecules / ion
  • Resolution (m/Δm)                         100
  • CN mode precision                         <0.1‰ C, <0.15‰ N
  • S mode precision                             0.3‰ S
  • Linearity                                            <0.002 ‰/µg
  • Sample Range                                  1.5 to 1000 µg N, 2.5 to 2000 µg C, 3 to 2000 µg S
  • Helium use                                        65 ml/min or 25 ml/min low volume mode

Added to the existing features of the Integra2, including:

  • Stainless steel flight tube
  • Thoria coated filament
  • Innovative trapping loop technology
  • Permanent magnet
  • 6 mins per sample
  • No fragile exposed silica

See our applications and technical notes pages for data and more information on the innovative features of the world’s only combined EA-IRMS.

The Integra 2 is a cost effective solution, enabling researchers to expand lab capabilities without breaking the budget.