Sercon specialise in the design, manufacture and support of IRMS and their associated sample preparation systems.


The HS2022 is the most sensitive small radius IRMS in the world. Combining superior analytical performance with reliability, flexibility, ease of use and maintenance, the HS2022 ensures that all your scientific needs are met.

The HS2022 incorporates many high level design features, including an extremely robust, linear and sensitive source, a stainless steel flight tube, a thoria-coated filament, and high resolution amplifiers for a large dynamic range.


The Integra2 is a combination of our 20-22 mass spectrometer and the SL elemental analyser. This unique product provides the isotope researcher with the most compact instrument. Capable of analysing samples for both 15N and 13C simultaneously with an 18O option, the Integra2 provides the most cost effective and easy to use isotopic analyser available.

The Integra2 is the instrument of choice for both natural abundance and enriched sample analysis.


ABCA2 automated breath 13Co2 analyser
The ABCA2 is the high performance, high sample throughput isotope ratio mass spectrometer for breath analysis. The outstanding performance and versatility, combined with user friendly software, make the ABCA2 the only choice for 13C breath tests. Superior performance, high sample throughput and unlimited sample capacity ensure that this is the ultimate instrument for Helicobacter pylori detection.