Sercon Preparation Systems

isoEArth & isoEArth+

The Sercon isoEArth systems are elemental analysers specifically configured for interface to IRMS instruments. When combined with the high sensitivity of the HS2022 IRMS, the isoEArth gives accurate and precise elemental data alongside accurate and precise isotopic data.

CryoPrep & CryoGas

CryoPrep fully automated stable isotope analysis of the trace gases CO2, N2O, CH4, CO, and NO, alongside N2, O2 and air ratio measurements, by utilising cryogenic focussing, combustion and gas chromatography

CryoGas has all of the functionality of the CryoPrep, with an additional pyrolysis furnace. The CryoGas is optimised for the analysis of H isotopes in CH4, via pyrolysis of CH4 to H2

Sercon μCarbs

Introducing the new Sercon µCarbs, for carbonate and DIC analysis.


The high performance gas chromatograph combustion / pyrolysis interface

Sercon Aqua

A high performance system for water equilibration measurements, headspace and gas analysis.

LC-I HPLC interface

When there is a need for an HPLC-IRMS combination, the Sercon LC-I can provide the solution. Using our proprietary technology, the sample is directly converted from the liquid phase into gas and sampled by the mass spectrometer.


Sercon have developed, in close collaboration with Thermalox, a hyphenated TOC-IRMS system. The Thermalox TOC uses a combustion technique, which is superior to the persulphate oxidation method in that water samples containing high humic material can be analysed.