Sercon Preparation Systems

SL & GSL Elemental Analyser

The Sercon GSL is a combined elemental analyser and gas purification module designed specifically to produce clean samples for a 20-22 or Geo 20-22 Europa series isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Choosing the GSL module gives the researcher great flexibility in applications.

High Temperature Elemental Analyser

The Sercon high temperature elemental analyser (HT-EA) is the most robust 1450oC thermal decomposition device which provides high precision 18O and 2H sample analysis for both solid and liquid samples.

GC-CP Compound Specific

The GC-CP interface is a gas chromatograph and gas conversion continuous flow interface for compound specific sample analysis.

Cryoprep Trace Gas Module

The Cryoprep is designed for the isotopic analysis of biogenic trace gases, such as: N2O, CH4 and CO2 alongside N2 and O2. Its design ensures that gases can be sampled from sub-ambient to elevated concentrations whilst retaining their isotopic information with the utmost accuracy and precision.

Sercon Aqua

The Sercon Aqua is a high performance equilibration system optimised for the precise measurement of the stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in water.


Introducing the new Sercon µCarbs, for carbonate and DIC analysis.

ABCA-G Gas Purification Module

For the analysis of gaseous samples, the Sercon G is the preparation unit to choose. Interfaced to a 20-22 or Geo 20-22 the unit can be used for a wide range of analyses such as breath CO2 for 13C, water equilibration for 2h and 18O and carbonate analysis for 13C and 18O along with other elevated concentration gases.


Sercon have developed, in close collaboration with Thermalox, a hyphenated TOC-IRMS system. The Thermalox TOC uses a combustion technique, which is superior to the persulphate oxidation method in that water samples containing high humic material can be analysed.

LC-I liquid chromatography interface

When there is a need for an HPLC-IRMS combination, the Sercon LC-I can provide the solution. Using our proprietary technology, the sample is directly converted from the liquid phase into gas and sampled by the mass spectrometer.