ABCA-G Gas Purification Module

For the analysis of gaseous samples, the Sercon G is the preparation unit to choose.

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Interfaced to a 20-22 or Geo 20-22 the unit can be used for a wide range of analyses such as breath CO2 for 13C, water equilibration for 2h and 18O and carbonate analysis for 13C and 18O along with other elevated concentration gases.

The Sercon G uses our gas sampler and can be supplied with a heated sample tray and a range of vial racks according to your requirements.

The ABCA-G is a gas purification module which produces clean gas samples for a 20-22 or GeO 20-22 series isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Choosing the ABCA-G module gives the researcher great flexibility for continuous flow gas analyses. It has been designed for isotope analysis of abundant gases from septum sealed containers.