Sercon CryoPrep & CryoGas

High performance trace gas analysis systems

CryoPrep fully automated stable isotope analysis of the trace gases CO2, N2O, CH4, CO, and NO, alongside N2, O2 and air ratio measurements, by utilising cryogenic focussing, combustion and gas chromatography

CryoGas has all of the functionality of the CryoPrep, with an additional pyrolysis furnace. The CryoGas is optimised for the analysis of H isotopesin CH4, via pyrolysis of CH4 to H2

  • Gas handling system allows a range of gases to be analysed over a range of concentrations
  • 3 automated cryogenic traps for trapping and focussing of condensable gases
  • Temperature programmable furnaces
  • Full automation for unattended analysis of gases in septum sealed bottles of from 6 to 250 ml
  • Isothermal gas chromatography purification
  • Bench-top module for easy interface to the Sercon HS2022, the most sensitive small radius IRMS on the market, ensuring high sensitivity for excellent precision, even for the smallest samples
  • Total software control of the instrument system and data processing with Sercon Calisto software
  • Allows storage of sample analysis protocols to comply with good laboratory practice
  • Standby mode to preserve consumable life during periods of low use
  • Software controlled oxygen injection to match sample requirements thereby preserving the life of the consumables
  • Inter-file import/export facility from instrument PC to laboratory server or internet (allows rapid updating of software or transfer to common spreadsheet packages)
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows