Research into the relationship between energy expenditure, physical activity and body weight is of increasing importance in light of the growing epidemic of obesity and its health-related problems. The doubly labelled water method remains the leading standard for measuring average energy expenditure under free-living conditions. The accurate and reliable measurement obtained using this method is a valuable research tool. TEE (Total Energy Expenditure) of humans or animals can be measured by administering DLW to experimental subjects and following the differential loss of Deuterium and Oxygen-18 isotopes from the body. Sercon provide sterility tested water with both 18O and D labels for energy expenditure studies.

Sercon are global representatives of Taiyo Nippon Sanso’s 18O labelled water, both 10 atom % and 98 atom %, which is used for energy expenditure and PeT studies. We ensure that we supply water of the highest quality at a competitive price for your research requirements. The 18O water is produced using high-purity oxygen. The oxygen is distilled and enriched to more than 97%, and air-separation technology is utilised to produce the isotopically labelled water.

DLW 10 Atom % 18O water is used for Total energy expenditure (Tee) measurement as described in Iso8996:2004 (e) 7.2 ergonomics of the thermal environment – Determination of metabolic rate.

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