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Isotopic ratios for primary reference standards
Reference StandardIsotopeIsotope Ratio
Atmospheric N215N/14N0.0036765
Secondary reference materials for δ13C measurements. The isotopic compositions are those reported by IAEA (compiled Sep 2011)
DescriptionNIST RMNatureδ13C ‰SD
USGS-418574L-glutamic acid+37.6260.049
USGS-408573L-glutamic acid-26.3890.042
LSVEC*8545lithium carbonate-46.60.2
* It is recommended that δ13C values of both organic and inorganic materials are expressed relative to VPDB on a scale normalised by assigning a value of -46.6 ‰ to LSVEC lithium carbonate [11].
Secondary reference materials for δ15N measurements. The isotopic compositions are those reported by IAEA (compiled Sep 2011)
DescriptionNIST RMNatureδ15N ‰SD
USGS-328558potassium nitrate+1801
USGS-268551ammonium sulphate+53.70.4
USGS-418574L-glutamic acid+47.60.2
IAEA-N-28548ammonium sulphate+20.30.2
IAEA-NO-38549potassium nitrate+4.70.2
USGS-358569sodium nitrate+2.70.2
IAEA-N-18547ammonium sulphate+0.40.2
USGS-348568potassium nitrate-1.80.2
USGS-408573L-glutamic acid-4.50.1
USGS-258550ammonium sulphate-30.40.4
Secondary reference materials for δ2H and δ18O measurements. The isotopic compositions are those reported by IAEA (compiled Sep 2011)
DescriptionNIST RMNatureδ2H ‰ (±SD)δ18O ‰ (±SD)
IAEA-602benzoic acid+71.4 ± 0.5
IAEA-601benzoic acid+23.3 ± 0.3
USGS-43Indian hair-50.3 ± 2.8*+14.11 ± 0.1*
USGS-42Tibetan hair-78.5 ± 2.3*+8.56 ± 0.1*
NBS-188543calcite-23.2 ± 0.1**
GISPwater-189.5 ± 1.2-24.76 ± 0.09
LSVEC8545lithium carbonate-26.7 ± 0.2**
IAEA-CH-78540polyethylene-100.3 ± 2.0
NBS-228539oil-120 ± 1
SLAP2***water-427.5 ± 0.3-55.50 ± 0.02
AP2*** water -427.5 ± 0.3 -55.50 ± 0.02 *Preliminary isotopic compositions of the non-exchangeable fractions [14]. **These values are reported against the VPDB scale for δ18O. *** SLAP2 is depleted in heavy isotopes with respect to VSMOW2 and provides an anchor for the lower end of the VPDB scale.
IRMS Calibration Curve
Sercon Isotopic reference materials
Sercon Part NumberDescriptionPackδ 13C ‰δ 2H ‰δ 15N ‰δ 18O ‰δ 34S ‰% Carbon% Hydrogen% Nitrogen% Oxygen% Sulphur
SC2333High enriched water 25ml1702267
SC0459High Organic Content Sediment Standard OAS/Isotope 5g-26546.50.51.0
SC2465IRMS Certified Reference Material EMA P1 3g282521361.53.520.913.9
SC2466IRMS Certified Reference Material EMA P23g288822668.42.97.519.9
SC2337Low natural water 25ml15720
SC0461Low Organic Content Soil Standard OAS/Isotope 5mg-27751.500.10.0
SC2334Medium enriched water 25ml843109
SC2336Medium natural water25ml6210
SC0474Olive Oil Isotopic Working Standard (C-13)5g-29
SC0463Protein Standard OAS/Isotope 5g-276646.513.30.8
SC0467Sorghum Flour Standard OAS/Isotope5g-1421041.31.50.1
SC0475Urea Isotopic Working Standard (C-13 N-15) 5g-401
SC0465Wheat Flour Standard OAS/Isotope5g-273139.41.40.1
SC2335Zero natural water25ml51
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